Have a MEMS product concept but not sure where to start?
We can provide technical consulting to guide you through the process of having your product made at one of a number of MEMS foundries.

Need to reduce your MEMS manufacturing risk and cost?
We can work with you to design and simulate your device with our design IP and pre-existing manufacturing process platforms or create a custom MEMS chip to your specifications.

Need to qualify your already manufactured optical MEMS devices?
Perhaps your MEMS manufacturer cannot perform optical testing or you wish to audit your foundry’s adherence to your acceptance criteria. Precisely offers a range of wafer-level optical MEMS chip testing.

Contact us directly to learn more about how we may be able to assist you.


With an extensive background in MEMS design and fabrication Preciseley can custom manufacture your MEMS device. 

Consultation & Risk Evaluation
We understand the critical need to minimize risk when developing a new MEMS product.
​By working with us you gain access to our design-for-manufacturing knowledge and intellectual property.

We will then take your product for manufacturing to one of our several leading MEMS foundries at which we have established manufacturing platforms.

Testing & Quality Assurance
Once fabricated the devices will be tested with our in-house quality assurance tools and shipped to you for further testing and integration.

Custom modifications of existing Preciseley products are always welcome. Contact us to learn more about how we can develop a MEMS device perfectly suited to your needs.


Do you have already manufactured optical MEMS devices but lack the capability to perform batch testing? Preciseley can test your optical MEMS devices using our wafer-level electrical and optical measurement located at our in-house cleanroom facility.

Our fully automated probe station and optical test tools can measure leakage current and mirror tilt position for 4, 6, and 8″ wafers.

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